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Benjamin headlines at President Obama's My Brothers Keeper Conference

February 21, 2019

In a stimulating conversation moderated by Benjamin Evans of the BMe Black Male Engagement Network, artists, activists, and elected officials discuss toxic masculinity and young men’s responsibility to be their sisters’ keepers at MBK Rising! Panelists include Alicia Garza, the Co-Founder, Black Lives Matter; Ericka Huggins, Activist and Former Black Panther Party Leader; Aja Brown, Mayor of Compton, and MJ Rodriguez, actress and activist. 

Benjamin to Join President Barack Obama, Steph Curry, Michael B. Jordan, John Legend and others in Oakland for My Brother’s Keeper Alliance

February 20, 2019

When the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance has its first national convening in Oakland, Calif., later this month, President Barack Obama will be joined by Steph Curry and John Legend, among others, for an event that will bring together hundreds of young men of color and leaders from various organizations to connect, learn and share.

His Double Life Stage Play is a Mega Hit!

November 13, 2017

Benjamin stars in His Double Life is a stage play written and produced by Nial Martin that tells the story of a young man who desires the unconditional love of his dad but finds that regardless of what he does, he still doesn’t measure up. He faces significantly more genuine obstacles that threaten to obliterate the strong bond he has with his high school sweetheart and possible future wife, which could destroy his family, and cause an antagonistic relationship among him and his dad.

Barbershop philanthropy — for Miami’s black communities, giving starts close to home

November 12, 2017

Growing up, Benjamin Evans belonged to a giving family. From school to church to community events in his childhood corner of Philadelphia, Evans remembers learning from an early age to be generous with time and treasure alike. “We were volunteering. We were donating. When families needed help we gave it,” he said. “I came up in that."

Being himself: Baptist minister comes out, now a Miami leader for LGBTQ rights

August 17, 2017

In the LGBTQ community, there are many leaders but some stand out. One particular influencer is a minister who came out as a gay man at age 30 in 2015 — and has been making his mark in South Florida ever since.

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