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As a proud Black gay minister, Benjamin Carlton gives you a firsthand account of the difficult lived experiences of the intersections of race, faith, and sexual orientation. In 2015, cutting against the grain of an entire culture, knowing all that he might lose, Benjamin made the brave decision to come out as a gay minister on Sparking national debate, Benjamin’s story resonated with millions who struggle to accept who they are because of society’s prejudices. For years he prayed earnestly in hopes of God “delivering” him from homosexuality, not realizing that his being gay was all a part of God’s perfect design. This spellbinding book shatters the myth of the petty, vengeful, fault-finding God and reveals a God who is loving, compassionate, and wants you to win. Through riveting stories of triumph and defeat, Benjamin uses his wit and unfailing humor to take you on his journey of resurrecting unconditional love.

The book is written to help those who are struggling to accept themselves or struggling to except those who are different from them. Benjamin intends to empower that precious soul that is looking for a path forward that speaks to their identity. If you believe in God but have struggled with your identity simply because you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, this book will help you find answers and hope. Get more information about the book at 

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